E-Prime (short for English-Prime or English Prime, sometimes denoted or E) is a version of the English language that excludes all forms of the verb to be, including all conjugations, contractions and archaic forms. Some scholars advocate using E-Prime as a device to clarify thinking and strengthen writing.

Patriotism and the Worker INTRODUCTION BY THE PUBLISHERS. In issuing this well-known speech of Gustave Herve’s as one of the publications of our Bureau we are contributing to an agitation that is now universal in the capitalist world, and is of prime importance as well in the United States as in France.

An adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic by the same name. Sorry about the poor quality. Enjoy!

Gian-Carlo Rota once subdivided mathematicians into problem solvers and theorizers. A problem solver could win instant acclaim by solving one of the major problems of his day. However the work of a theorizer was likely to survive long after the problems of the day were forgotten. John placed himself squarely in the camp of the theorizers.

Prim definition: If you describe someone as prim , you disapprove of them because they behave too. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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I doubt that he would have considered revealing that Piltdown Man was a hoax even if selling the story had been the only option. We find in his late letters the same self-congratulatory tone as in the letters of his [218] prime. "My esteemed colleague . . .,

This was the case with Axa, the French insurer, which was accused by some consumer groups of being unfair to its policyholders when it unlocked its 1. . It reversed changes introduced in 1988 requiring advisers to be fully independent and scour the market for products in the client’s best interests, or "tied" and able to sell only one provider’s products.

Coraline [Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Coraline explores her new home, she steps through a door and into another house just like her own . . . except that it’s different. It’s a marvelous adventure until Coraline discovers that there’s also another mother and another father in the house.


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