A spouse with lower credit can be removed from the application to help the other qualify.. Buying without your credit-challenged spouse.. to apply for a mortgage without your partner or.

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In an ideal world, you would know your spouse’s credit and financial situation well before you tied the knot. However, you may find yourself marrying someone who has a low credit score (619-500) or a bad credit score (500 or lower) and it isn’t until you’re applying for a mortgage that you find this out.

How to get a home loan if your partner has bad credit.. member to go guarantor to help offset the bad credit and allow you to access a standard home loan rather than the a more expensive bad.

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If your spouse has not cheated before to your knowledge then ‘to err is human’ and this can happen in many marriages. If your spouse is truly remorseful then you should see a marriage counselor to.

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While it’s true that your spouse’s poor. them get a secured credit card of their own. These cards are specially designed to help individuals with bad credit redeem themselves in the eyes of credit.

A bad credit score can be as scary to share with your husband as many other secrets. The good news: Bad credit scores aren’t contagious. If you’ve made some mistakes in the past, you won’t hurt your husband’s credit score just by getting married. However, it may hamper your ability to get loans as a couple.

Today, virtually all mortgage lenders have tightened their credit standards. They have introduced new requirements for those looking to secure a home loan or refinance their existing loan. Your credit score and your credit report matter more than ever before. If your spouse has less then stellar credit it could make getting a home loan more.