Motion to Dismiss A written motion to dismiss asks the judge to throw a case out of court due to one or more fundamental flaws in the plaintiff’s filing. Motions to dismiss can be filed because the plaintiff’s complaint didn’t allege sufficient facts to support the claim, or because of jurisdictional or statute of limitations issues, or for various other reasons.

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Get Approved for a Mortgage without Tax Returns Mortgage Masters Group Get Approved for a Mortgage without Tax Returns Getting approved for a mortgage without tax returns may be more simple than you thought. Conventional, FHA & VA For borrowers that don’t need tax returns to qualify (i.e. wage earners and non-grossed up pension, retirement & social security recipients), we will not need W2 or tax transcripts.

Could the proscribed and exiled poet, as he wandered, isolated and alone, over the vine-clad hills of Italy, and as he stopped here and there at some friendly monastery, wearied and hungry, have cast his prophetic eye down the vistas of the ages; could he have seen what honors would be bestowed upon his name, and how his poem, written in sorrow, would be scattered in joy among all nations, giving a new.

Are today’s liberal politicians willing to go to the mat for a seemingly old-fashioned, civil-rights era throwback like the right to vote? If they care about preserving access to the franchise in the.

Of course, it is Safire himself who appears to be taking in dictation work these days from his old pal, Ariel Sharon. Before you read on, note that the Boston Globe is also a publication owned by.

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